Thai 100% mycelium Grow Kit


Psilocybe Thai originated from a city in Thailand – Koh Samui. This mushroom was identified by an entomologist, John Allen outside the city of Hua Thanon. The magic mushroom fruits are smaller than any other cubensis type. It’s however characterized by a large cap and meaty stems. Psilocybe is considered to be one of the best party mushrooms.

Benefits of cultivating this mushroom include:

  • Fast yield
  • Abundant harvest
  • Extreme visual effects
  • Recommended for beginners

This mushroom is much recommended for those who desire right balance and good energy. It’s indeed the perfect magic mushroom for you!

Due to the mushroom quality, the active substance content is considerably stronger and higher than the traditional grow kit.

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The scope of delivery:

1200 ml cultivation box filled with strong Thai mycelium
Grow bag
2 Paper clips

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thai magic mushroom grow kit

Thai Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit

In Thailand, a monthly Full Moon Festival is organised to honor their sacred mushrooms. Fast growing, abundant harvest, intense visual effects and a relaxed feeling make this mushroom extremely popular. It is also an excellent species for beginners. If you would like to get the right balance and good energy in your life, this is the perfect magic mushroom for you!

Due to the quality of the mycelium, the active substance content is considerably higher than the traditional grow kit.

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