Cambodian 100% mycelium Grow Kit


Cambodian is quicker than almost any type of cubensis. The Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian produces attracts beautiful mushrooms with bell-shaped caps. The mushroom which originated from South East Asia is typically recommended for beginners mushroom cultivators. Focusing on its origin, these spores of the Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian were discovered at a popular Angkor Wat Temple by John Allen during one of his journey to Cambodia.

The mushroom’s hats are similar to the Asian Conical hats when both are being compared. Some advantages of cultivating the Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian include:

  • Easy cultivation
  • Predictable yield
  • Recommended for beginners cultivators
  • Strongest psilocybin mycelium mushroom kit

It’s important to note that the growth kit of this magic mushroom is a little bit different from any other growth kits you’ve ever seen. There are no fillers in it. However, the 100% mycelium is said to contain a double quantity of the other active substance psilocin which can as well be found in other brands.

At buy magic mushroom kits, we offer 1200 ml boxes to our clients. These strong grow kits are however shipped to your destinations in plain boxes.

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The scope of delivery:

1200 ml cultivation box filled with strong Cambodian mycelium
Grow bag
2 Paper clips

Cambodina magic mushroom grow kit

Cambodian Magic Mushroom Kit

We recommend the Cambodian grow kits to inexperienced growers. The area of origin of this variety is Southeast Asia. It was discovered in the neighborhood of the spectacular temple Angkor Wat, in the province of Siem Reap. In ancient times, these mushrooms were used in religious practices and rituals. They made it easier to communicate with their gods.

The hats of the Cambodian mushrooms are shaped as the Asian conical hats disclosing their origin. This variety is the perfect species of mushroom for growers who do not have a lot of experience cultivating these mushrooms. These mushrooms are very easy to grow and have a relatively predictable yield.

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