Albino A 100% mycelium Grow Kit


  • Ease of Cultivation - It can be cultivated on a small scale to advance technique methods.
  • Mushroom Growers Delight - Mushroom growers love the Psilocybe .
  • Great grow - it is a great grow in the first flushes, and so making it a delight for growers.
  • Psychedelic effect - It is a species of the psychedelic mushroom containing psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin .
  • Contain Psilocybin - Psilocybin is the main ingredient in magic mushrooms and soothes symptoms of depression .
  • 100% strong colonized substrate - no fillers like perlite just 100% pure mycelium.

The Psilocybe cubensis Albino A, also called A+ is one of the most beautiful subtropical magic mushrooms to grow. We know you we love the Albino because it is a must have mushroom for any grower who knows the value of mushrooms and the best deal for psychedelics, because it contains the Psilocybin which is the main ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Rather than being an Albino as its name suggests, it is simply a result of a mutation of partial loss of pigmentation, called leucism.

If you would prefer to have the Albino grown in pure white, you will simply grow it away from direct sunlight. And it’s actually very easy to grow your own magic mushrooms.

Magic mushroom grow kits contain no bulking agents - the content is a 1200 ml cake of 100% colonized substrate. Unless you behave utterly stupid, you will see at least 4 flushes, amounting to up to 600 gr of fresh mushrooms. Some people have even reported yields of around 800 gram!

Note: we ship all Albino A strong mycelium grow kits without grow instructions and other marks. Easy online ordering, secure anonymous payment options and cheap, fast and discreet world wide shipping. Ordered today, shipped tomorrow and always proof of shipment!

The scope of delivery:

1200 ml cultivation box filled with Albino A mycelium
Grow bag
2 Paper clips

We look forward to hearing from you on this magic mushroom.

Albino A magic mushroom grow kit

Psilocybe Cubensis Albino A

also known as AA, is the most beautiful Psilocybe cubensis to grow. It is a subtropical mushroom, medium to large in size. The caps are creamy white and look like an Albino. However, it is not a real Albino but a mutation of a strain with reduced pigmentation called Leucism. The stem of the mushroom is the same colour as the cap and acquires an intense blue colour when bruised.

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