What schedule should I follow?

Dr. James Fadiman, the author of the Psychedelic Explorer's Guide, recommends taking a microdose after every three days.

Day 1, take a microdose on. Do NOT have a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3.

Take another microdose on day 4 .

Observe the effects throughout this process by taking notes.

Continue the practice of microdosing two times each week.

Follow your regular while microdosing. You ought not change what you do. The purpose is to improve your day-to-day existence by incorporating microdoses into your routine.

When you try microdosing for the first time, have a day off from work and social responsibilities. It gives you a opportunity to observe and notice any unusual effects before microdosing in a more public situation.

Be vigilant in observing the effects of microdosing on the two days between microdoses. Lots of folks perceive increased feelings of flow, creativity, and vitality that the day after they microdose, in addition to the day of microdosing.

Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms every day is not suggested. Psychedelics like psilocybin make a tolerance, even with microdoses, so you may see diminishing returns after a few days. This is the reason Dr. Fadiman suggested leaving a few days between each dose.

Concern for your own health is just another reason to avoid microdosing daily. There is a potential heart risk of taking too many psychedelics over a long period of time. Although we don't understand how this translates when it comes to microdosing, it's probably best to err on the side of caution, and avoid microdosing too often, or for longer than a couple of months at a time.

One other downside to microdosing daily is normalizing a very powerful substance. You can compare it to the use of coffee for productivity purposes. When you drink coffee every day, over time you will need to increase the dose to get the same effect.

It's best to leverage microdosing as an occasional edge, rather than a consistent go-to like java.

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