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Jan 28, 2018
I got 2 Large 300g plus flushes, wet. I contaminated it so didn't get 3. These were very easy to grow & the rides were very visual. I am ordering more but will dry them this time.Enjoy growing them. They are mature in about 12 days.

Feb 10, 2018
Very Impressed with the size and yield. Easy to follow instructions and guide i will never use another company for my grow kits. First time growing and really had no problems, we had about 7 flushes and could have gotten even more...

Jan 4, 2018
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Nothing to say. Third flush! Magnificent shrooms.

Ramon C
Oct 14, 2017
Quickly growing to my surprise. I had 2 harvests of about 400 grams wet together. Harvested in time and better a bit to early to keep the mycelium free of spores. I´ll try a third flush this week. Ate about 3-4 grams dry and gave me a true experience.

Gordon Pyle
Nov 25, 2017
My first grow I grew about 380 gs wet. Second flush was another 300 and the 120gs on the third. When it comes to eating them I loved them. Ive eaten multiple 5g dry and has very "spiritual" experiences. To be honest I would say since I've started growing and eating them inhabe changed my attitude and ultimately changed my life for the better. Eat 5g dry on an empty stomach and the strap in on and organize your life. Have fun!

Apr 12, 2018
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All mycelium, all value! Had a great first flush of 32g dried on one of these, very much worth the money. Happy shrooming :)

Jeremy P
Aug 11, 2019
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Exccellent, Amazing, Super! As an a tripper with 'experience' I underestimated these shrooms. 4g dried had me immersed in a world which I struggle to describe, everything image was alive. Lost reality at one point LOL! Open eye and closed eye visuals blending together! Amazing.. time was meaningless and the most spiritually intriguing thing happened to me which I could never forget. I have had 3 flushes from it so far and into the 4th the flushes are decreasing in size alot so I'm hoarding them as I go now can't wait to try the 5 gram dried hit and see what the real fuss is about!... Listen to the warnings! Have fun!

Aug 24, 2019
McKennaii growkit: not much to say, just a perfect kit with good yield. No hollow stems.

Nov 16, 2019
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Got around 70 g for the first flush, still growing...:) I have a very positive feeling about those new mycelium grow kit and recommend them. Very easy to use and fantastic to watch the shrooms growing.... Look forward to try them...

Nick V
Nov 26, 2019
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Looks amazing! Very easy to grow and and fast under the right temperature. At 2 weeks I already have dried my first flush out and it looks delicious, can't wait to try it. Customer service is always quick to react and very helpful. McKenna strain is my strain, your products are nice as always.

Appy B
Jun 24, 2020
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These Mckennaii kits really are a great project to enter to the mushroom world! I would have appreciated a larger yield LOL, but I understand this comes down to many factors. Trip safe!

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