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Growing with the Freshmushrooms 100% Mycelium Grow Kits is extremely easy. These kits are completely maintenance-free thanks to a fully colonised substrate without fillers. You hardly have to do anything to get your first flush with high levels of psilocin. Follow the steps below and you will be assured a rich harvest!

Extremely high potency
Rich in psilocin

Cubensis mushrooms grown with the Freshmushrooms grow kits do not have hollow stems but are solid and contain a lot of (blue) psilocin. Of course, a mushroom is a natural product and some mushrooms contain more active substances than others in the same species. However, we invite you to compare them with other grow kit brands.


Since December 2008 it is illegal in the Netherlands to grow and sell magic mushrooms commercially. However, grow kits for producing magic mushrooms on a small scale have not been banned and remains legal.

Buy Magic Mushroom Kits has several home all-in-one grow kits for magic mushrooms. They are easy to use grow kits with everything needed to grow several flushes of mushrooms. Also known as the mycelium grow box.


We no longer sell the low quality standard growbox! The standard mushroom kits are sold in every mushroom shop but do contain a lot of fillers and only a little mycelium. The all in one magic standard mushroom cultivation kits contain a box with colonized substrate (growth medium + mycelium), a grow bag with an air filter and a paper clip.  You need to add water to the box and place it in the grow bag. Adding water will give problems. Also the fruiting of these low quality kits up to 4 weeks!

We manufactor 1200ml and 2100ml grow kits. These grow kits contain 100% populated substrate (mycelium) and deliver several flushes. Depending on the timely harvest and proper maintenance of the grow kits, they sometimes yield up to 4 harvests. The 1200ml grow kit yields 500g to 800g of fresh mushrooms (dried 50g to 80g) and the 2100ml grow kit yields 700g to 1500g of fresh mushrooms (dried 70g to 150g).

All grow kits are starting at € 37,50 not included are discounts and shipping costs. The minimum shipping costs depends on the country where the parcel needs to be delivered. During the ordering process you have the option to calculate the exact shipping cost in your cart, this is before you pay and submit your order. We do world wide shipping.

All growkits sold by Buy Magic Mushroom Kits have been produced with care in a sterile laboratory. We only work with fresh stock so the grow kits are shipped as fresh as possible. There are dozens of producers of magic mushroom grow kits. We have tested nearly all types of kits available on the market and subjected them to thorough testing. We only sell the grow kits in our catalog that are most reliable and have a good yield. Because the market is dynamic, we continue to test new types of kits, looking for ones that meet our standards, the Amsterdam Quality Standard in magic mushrooms

Buy your psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom 100% mycelium grow kits here:

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Buy Magic Mushroom kits accept Bitcoin. Click here for more information.


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